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Anyone else use Xfire?

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Postby dragoon » June 27th, 2009, 6:49 am

Well I do, and I've been working on a little program that sits in the background and updates my Xfire status according to what I'm currently watching, using the title bar of my two media players (MPC - Media Player Classic, and VLC - Videolan.. something..) to know what to change the status to.

Well, today I decided to try and add Xion to the list of supported players, and now my Xfire status reads "Xion: Infected Mushroom - Intelligate"! So it works great, and since I've worked so hard to make it work just the way I want it to, I'm going to share it here.

The source code is included, as with everything I make, so you can compile it yourself if you don't trust me. That's the only downside of being an unknown indie software developer :cry:

Now, the source could appear messy to you.. Coding is unique to every individual, so don't hate! I'm self-taught by looking at other examples. Also, this is made in Visual Basic 6, as I'm not sure I am ready to make the jump to the newer versions of .net and such.

http://tehwez.com//Dragoon/AutoIndex/Up ... status.zip

It runs in the system tray if you prefer, there is a checkbox for this setting.
All settings are stored in C:\XfireStatus.ini and the program does not touch the registry in any way, because it's messy enough! I do plan on saving settings in a user directory sooner or later but that will require a bit more code than I think it needs since it's just a small program!
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