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Postby DrSPliff » March 5th, 2010, 3:41 am


first of all - great player although it plays about 1/3 of a second of the last song, you've played when closed while playing and opening a new song.

Anyway I found this old ass topic:

Nightbreed Wrote:Everything from direct sound to ASIO out of the box, very nice.

Cliff Cawley Wrote:Hi Nightbreed,

Welcome to the Xion community!

Thanks for the great comments, I'm glad you are enjoying Xion.

Warm regards,
Cliff :)

However I see no ASIO output from neither of my 2 soundcards (TC Konnekt + Fireface 400) or when using internal soundcard with asio4all installed?

So - if possible - could anyone please tell me how to get ASIO output? I would change from winamp in a heartbeat if possible.
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