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Postby djinn2 » October 7th, 2008, 7:47 pm

I don't like the idea of a rating system in the skin browser, at least not linked to the website. With dozens of skins installed it sometimes gets a bit slow trawling throught the skin thumbnails (and i have a reasonably fast machine). Retrieving information from the site will only slow that down more. It'd be fine as long as it was optional, preferably as a plugin.

Most of the time I ignore ratings systems anyway unless I've done the rating myself. A rating system for personal use wouldn't be a bad idea, but then I'm likely to change my opinion everyday anyway :?

I have a feeling that my gripe isn't with the question of whether Xion has this feature, it's more the overall dissatisfaction I have with software design in general. I'm a bit sick of the trend for every program I run trying to access the Internet. It seems I spend a few minutes on every software installation checking to see if there's an 'anonomous usage' function etc.

Mmm, sorry about the slight rant, I only meant to say I don't like the idea :oops:
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