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Postby xonenine » November 29th, 2008, 1:19 pm

I guess I should stop testing and rating skins, do you guys think the tooth fairy is rating you?
xonenine :x

OK what I'm trying to say is that it wouldnt be fair of me to vote alone on every skin. And I use them BEFORE I rate them. There are many others in the daily forums who are here eveyday, purport interest in quality, but no one is voting. May as well open it to the public, at least there would be more votes and one would have to assume, less biased votes.
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Postby SLoB » November 29th, 2008, 9:25 pm

I think it is key to try it out before you rate it but the sad truth is a lot of people are just damn too lazy and they will judge it by its cover.

So lets put that in reality -
  • if the skin promo pic says wow when u look at it, then your going to appeal to more people and get them to take that step and download the skin.
  • if the skin promo pic says "hmm naa" when u look at it, then your NOT going to appeal to people and they won't bother to download the skin and rate it down without even trying it.

I track my ratings and downloads on my site for example, I can tell you there are way more people rating things than downloading them and using them, real shame as they lose out on potentially good skins for their pleasure, (this is why we create them).

So -

I think spending a little more time on the design aspect of the skin will really help (especially as there is no coding involved skinners can afford to put a bit more effort into the design phase)

Also spend a little more time on the promo pic, get peoples attention, make them want to download it

I think a lot of skinning effort has gone in todays skins when you compare them to the winamp3 days where a lot of really good quality skins were made, it seems the buzz of skinning has declined as people are happy with using default skins in their apps etc..
Not only that but skinners seem to want the easy way out and are spending less time on designing phases and just throwing things together. - (I'm not digging at anyone with this, this is just how it seems)
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Postby logokas » November 29th, 2008, 9:46 pm

I vote when i see something good and try it out. A first impression is always important, thus you should indeed spend more time on the design and it's preview images, because most people judge by the cover.
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Postby xonenine » November 29th, 2008, 10:53 pm

Thats disturbing to hear, people really vote on stuff they dont even download.

Well, I for one am guilty of thinking the preview isnt that important, so I'll try to take this as good advice. thanks, xonenine :)
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