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Postby xonenine » January 18th, 2009, 6:11 am

Hi Cliff,
Alot of the software I am using lately has been designed for output to lasers or dj booth video screens, lighting design systems for djs, etc.
The upshot is that alot of these shows output can be directed to pc rather than the actual harware devices.One in particular I'll be using Text Machine 3d creates video output for vjs in the form of layered jpgs,swf, or (stepping back and cringing) avi.
I can't tell you how much I'd like to incorporate some of this technology into various visual manifestations for Xion.Thats just one program though, there are many designed for vjs to create video output.
Ideally I'd like to request the ability to include a zipped video package that could be laser shows, film, or higher end visuals, output to a video layer, or a seperate plugin that users could fill with video/visual packages, or in other words, a type of visualization window for layered jpg, swf or avi visualizations.Those are just what I can think of, I'll work with any format, for now I'll explore the quality of the layered jpg output, as I'd been looking for something similar to an animated gif system, I'm sure the layered jpgs will be a step up, even just placed in animation sets.
Thanks, xonenine. :)
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