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Postby eye2i2hear » October 29th, 2009, 12:13 pm

Noob to Xion as of today, but really enjoying my Xion experience thus far! Nice program! (and equally nice forum & support)

First, let me note that I'm very much a muti-tasker, working with my computer for 8-10+ hours a day. Thus the player that works optimally for me is one that is minimally visually intrusive-- yet available easily enough-- and is centered on mouse usage rather than hotkeys (too many diff apps to distinguish/keep up with).

Features I would appreciate are:

* A taskbar control (Play, Pause, Stop, Next/Previous Track, Playlist buttons)
--optimally, with the ability to optionally position the control to "Left of Tray"/"Right of Start Button" so it stays consistent on the tray; additionally, being able to customize which buttons show in the taskbar control is great. [my previous favorite player has these]

* Have the main interface hide (fades) and display based on mouseover of the taskbar control (similar to a Tooltip). Thus the desktop is clear for my work yet a mere mouseover allows for the player info to be noted. [my previous fav player has this]

* The ability to customize the Forward and Rewind time (default presently is 5 sec).
If not totally customizable, then at least to be able to also jump by a minute rather than merely 5 seconds? [my previous fav player DOES NOT have this]
I do a good bit of 2 hour-long program listening and being able to jump minutes at a time with a click or two, rather than the typical 36+ clicks required at 5 second increments, would be awesome! (btw, I can live with hotkeys for these basics) :wink:

I came about looking into Xion via having my long-time fav player no longer under active development since 2005 (and experiencing an occasional bug with it). Xion matches it on two key points: sound (particularly the EQ) and efficiency. These features added & I'll never have to look back!

thanks---- :)
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