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Postby regener8ed » February 18th, 2011, 1:35 am

it would be useful to have the ability to place layers which may have their own individual id() into a group which has another id(), allowing the layers within that group to be referenced/acted on based on either the individual id() of the layer or collectively via the group id().
preferable alternative: the ability to give each layer multiple id()'s. { ex: id(a,b,c) OR id(a) id(b) id(c) }

it's necessary to give different layers unique id()'s (for obvious reasons), but it's also useful to reference multiple layers collectively to perform a more global action (example: show/hide a visible area that contains multiple animations, buttons, etc.) referencing multiple id()'s in a single modify() statement can be a problem when the layer name gets too long.

yes, there are tricks around the problem (like triggering an invisible animation with layers that fire commands to different id()'s) but that solution can be a bit clunky, and a hierarchical solution could offer more flexibility.

here's a q'nd skin: http://pixeltamer.com/download/?m=5&ID=1080&auth=74756a76c52d0759d3a3604e54d86439 that contains a variety of layer id() combinations to test the different approaches i've described.
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