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Postby BrendonKoz » January 3rd, 2007, 8:07 am

Since I accidentally asked two unrelated questions in one topic, here's a separate topic:

Bookmarking Feature
It would be interesting to see Xion incorporate a multi-tiered bookmarking capability. For instance, setting sections in extremely long songs (I think Pink Floyd is known for this), or in my case, setting chapter markers in audiobooks that can range upwards of 50 hours for a single file.

This means two possible things: Single "bookmarks" like what internet browsers use, or a single file per bookmark (or perhaps a single XML file) that stores metadata about the files that are bookmarked: file's full path, and timestamp within the audio/media file of the bookmarking. Since an easy to use and understand interface would be needed, it might be easier to use separate files for each bookmark, but I leave that up to the developers. :P I think too much!
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