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idea for inbuilt skin notifier

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Postby SLoB » March 1st, 2007, 11:35 pm


had an idea of how a notifier could be put into Xion and as a skinnable item

have layer(s) (or layerset) with a keyword such as Notifier(x,y,w,h,s) which has the params something similar as typed on the left (or perhaps keeping a bottom/top left/right approach which is done in the users viewport so its all handled in Xion and a param of bl, tl, tr,br for exampe)

on song change could show itself, either fade in/out or slide(just another idea)

the notifier could then contain a background, some other gfx layers and also the song info layers which will indicate the changed song info etc...
it would fade in/out at the coords specified in the keyword and possibly have a w/h params if wanting to change the size or a stretch param which would then stretch whichever layers had a stretch keyword, this would allow for longer named info fields/gfx layers to be stretched according to song title lengths etc...

as a default a notifier such as this could be incorporated into the Xion engine which is replaced by a skins version
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