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Postby SLoB » October 6th, 2006, 6:44 am

and another ;)
cannot turn off vu layers as its an animation layer set and there is no action_anim_hide available yet,
another feature request, if hidden should also stop, no point in it still looping through the layers if its hidden

the idea behind being able to hide animation layers is you could hide your vu and display the standard visualisation in the same space (if its turned on, also need a button to turn that on rather than going thru prefs screen)
and also switch between animations so you could have multiple vus in a skin ooo goodie
so perhaps maybe action_anim_switch needed too as layer doesnt work on layersets

the list grows longer, but more feature rich when implemented
Cliff these should go in the feature requests? or should they be in there by default but just not implemented yet?
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