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Postby logokas » August 16th, 2008, 10:29 pm

As Cliff and i already discussed, we came to a conclusion that some changes can be made to better optimise the way authors get feedback for their skins.

Initially a small chatbox like comment area would be nice, with an optional 'Report Broken' feature. I know some of you who have browsed the skins have found many skins that aren't technically okay. Missing passthroughs are most common, with some skins suffering from missing fonts, or broken animation. These can all be fixed very easily, but unfortunately, most authors don't check the Feedback forum very often.

PMing the authors one by one is tedius, so a more community driven solution should be found for this issue.

Another thing is creating special labels, to encourage authors and reward them.

It's nice to know you've won the Skin Consortium a couple times, but it would be alot more awesome if other people saw that when they look at your skin!

Possible lables:
-1st of SC ( Or whatever skinning contest )
-Staff Favorite
-Community favorite
-Weekly Best
-Proffessional Skin

Consider it to be like the system used in Newgrounds. I'm sure it would serve as a great response from the community rather than just a simple count of downloads and ratings.

I shoot and ask questions later.

Take no offense of it.
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