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Playlist doesn't get saved with relative path on portable vs

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Postby scooter » May 25th, 2010, 1:36 am

I ran into an issue with the playlist on the portable version. I found that the playlist in the portable version wasn't saving the list with a relative path. the result was a playlist added at work with my memory stick assigned the drive letter E: would cause Xion to lock up and freeze when I tried to run it at home where my memory stick is assigned the drive letter F:.

Xion tried to play the last song I was on at work and a box popped up saying no media was in and gave a choice to retry of cancel. I couldn't get the box to go away or to close. I finally had to force Xion to close. I couldn't get the playlist to play either because it was set to the last drive letter at work.

I think I have this temporally fixed by opening my saved playlist in notepad and replacing the drive letter with a relative path and then setting the file properties to read only.

Is there away to get Xion to save the playlist with a relative path when it is ran off a memory stick?
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