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Postby logokas » December 20th, 2008, 1:57 am



Okay, joke.

First of all, your preview image is rather poor. It does little to showcase the actual player, and is of low quality. I suggest you update it with something more elaborate, or at least a clean shot of the player.

As for the skin itself, good work. Some elements seem a little low-res, but otherwise it's an interesting design, and i especially like the multi VU + visualizer combo. However, the visualiser should've been more on the background as it covers some elements where it shouldn't, particularly the extra VUs you have set up in the middle.

The menu button is a rare thing amongst skins, which is nice.

The Xion icon could've been left as yellow though.

That is all.

-Insert obligatory 'good job for first skin' here-
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