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Leave you feedback for skin authors who have published their skins on the Skins page

Postby logokas » January 15th, 2009, 10:00 pm

First of all, i have to remind you again that you're uploading it wrong.

When you upload a ZIP file, it automatically converts to XSF. What you're doing here, is doubling your filesize, because you've got copies of your player's psds.

If someone wants to take a look at them, they will unpack the PSD themselves. Don't double your files.

Allow me to show you what your archive structure looks like:

Downloaded file - iTunes.xsf contains (each extra - signifies subcategory ):

-iTunes Mini PSD
-iTunes PSD
-iTunes v.1.xsf
---iTunes Mini PSD
---iTunes PSD
-iTunes v.1.zip
--iTunes Mini PSD
--iTunes PSD

So, it would appear you've got the exact same files compressed twice and duplicated three times!

That is called extremely bad file management.

The proper archive should look like:

Downloaded file - iTunes.xsf

And that will be all that is necessary. Including screenshots and thumbnails is unnecessary, you only need a layer named 'preview' in one of your psds, to show a screenshot in the skin browser.

Okay, that takes care of the flaming part.

To comment on the actual skin itself: I love it. I'm not an iTunes fan but i know a good, polished design when i see one. Good job, and a 5 star rating from me.

Just learn how to manage your archives, mmkay?
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