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Postby anas_rahmoun » January 25th, 2009, 5:35 am


I think that i am a fun of your style :D
it have been a long time that i find the Xion player softwar and checked up the site looking for some simple skins, and i choosed some skins :
+ simple text;
+ simply inspired;
+ escapism;

presenting my self, i am a 21 old man from morocco, im studing in a technical school here, specialised in informatic systems. i am interessted also in design and i have some skills in the graphic softwars especialy Photoshop;

so the first time that i find the easy way to create Xion skins, from .psd files, i tried to put some changes in the greate simply skin "simple text" ;) and i used it for months, untile this week i desided to start working some skins to be as a training experiens for me; so i checked up Xion site again, and i found a skin "itunes for justin" and i like too match mac design and softwars's interfaces, it just simple and usefull can be used in every situations an environements, so i downloaded it, and ive remarks some thing that can be more finished, so i start from this skin to create the new skin "X iTunes" .. and after a while i worked on Windows Media Player's skin, this time ive worked it from A to Z my self :)

today i find that i can Filter the search skin by User nams, so i tried ure name, and ive been surprised, that u r the same designer of the first three skins, so i realised that there is found just one designer in this community who can thouch me by here creativity.

after all this i have just to tell u THANKs a LOT ;)
i am interested to know more about you,

waiting your answer !
thank you...

[email protected]
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