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Postby Cliff Cawley » January 11th, 2014, 9:10 pm

There are a ton of new skinning features in build 155. You can find a list of them on: http://www.xionplayer.com/page/help

There are also a bunch of tweaks and changes that have been reported in the forums.

I've also merged the Last.fm plugin into the Core, so there's no longer any need to download a plugin. Just make sure you open the Xion Settings and tick the check box 'Scrobble Tracks to Last.Fm client'

The full changelist is as follows:

  • Modified web streams so that they show the Stream name in the playlist instead of the current song title
  • Fixed remembering song position when changing output device
  • Added support for nofade, nofadein and nofadeout for Indicator objects
  • Added command line arguments to set window positions and main player scale (/SetMainPlayerPos=x,y), (/SetPlaylistPos=x,y), (/SetEqualizerPos=x,y), (/SetLibraryPos=x,y), (/SetVisualisationPos=x,y), (/SetMainPlayerScale=percentage)
  • Added support for animation binding keywords, similar to indicators (anim_pause, anim_stop, anim_play, anim_random, anim_repeat, anim_repeattrack, anim_repeatoff, anim_crossfade, anim_stereo, anim_mono, anim_active, anim_inactive, anim_mute, anim_web, anim_local, anim_cd, anim_equalizer, anim_eqcompressor, anim_albumart)
  • Added AnimTypes for PlaybackFrequency, NetBuffer and all the EQ settings
  • Fixed bug where trans_* objects were still being rendered and calculated after being hidden by layer keywords
  • Fixed the mouse cursor being invisible when refreshing a skin while tweaking a knob, or while switching focus while tweaking
  • Made it so that when dragging knobs and you reach the extents, that further adjustments are ignored. This results in knobs immediately responding when you go back the other way, no matter how far you dragged out of range
  • Optimized the colorize function which was over compensating the size of the area when combined with a tiled object
  • Modified Slider and Button objects to correctly Colorize SliderBits and Over and Down states
  • Added Tooltips for Volume and Balance knobs
  • Enabled Reset to default support for Knobs. (Right click as well as double click)
  • Fixed cursor for border controls changing when other objects are blocking in the UI
  • Fixed the Main player hotkey not working
  • Added support for mass ignoring layers if a layer group has 'ignore' keyword added to it
  • Switched default virtual font mapping from MS Font Dlg to MS Shell Dlg 2
  • Fixed Italic right aligned font being clipped
  • Added additional information to the Message box that occurs when you manually play the next song
  • Changed Visualisation click behaviour from down to up so that moveable can be used in conjunction with the visualisation layer
  • Added Anim types for Spec bands and Spec band Peaks
  • Added support for scrolling the wheelmouse within a slider on a window that has focus, and adjusting the slider, instead of just adjusting the volume
  • Tidied up the GUISlider code to be cleaner
  • Merged the LastFm scrobble plugin into the core
  • Codesigned installer and executables
Cliff Cawley
Creator of Xion
r2 Studios
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Cliff Cawley
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Postby Lance » January 12th, 2014, 3:29 am

I made the Xion Default skin. Ask me questions and stuff.

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Postby SLoB » January 12th, 2014, 9:35 am

Thanks Cliff :)
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