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Postby Cliff Cawley » February 16th, 2008, 6:28 pm

Download Installer Version:
r2 Studios Server -> http://www.r2.com.au/downloads/files/xion_v1.0b94.exe
Xion Server -> http://xion.r2.com.au/download/xion_v1.0b94.exe

Download Portable Version:
r2 Studios Server -> http://www.r2.com.au/downloads/files/xion_v1.0b94.zip
Xion Server -> http://xion.r2.com.au/download/xion_v1.0b94.zip

Changelist from build 82 to build 94:
  • Fix crash when xion is closed, playlist isn't saved, xion is started again, and playlist is cleared
  • Bail Zip if corrupt and clear Zip name on create
  • Update Bass_Vis to .0.7
  • Updates to fix size limitation of names and values in the data files
  • Add zlib to the Common folder
  • Modify MoveLayer function to update the Dirty rectangle correctly and to recalculate the width/height only at the end
  • Fix crash when reading a property such as fb that doesn't have fb(true)
  • Fix Volume jumping back up to full when you've set it to minimum using the interface
  • Add fix so that portable devices can install skins by dragging and dropping
  • Don't Update layers that aren't visible, such as vumeters and progress bars
  • Add check for 0 frame size to id3 checking
  • Add support for action_load_interface
  • Lots of Cleanup work in preparation for SDK
  • Increment the Component Version to 2
  • Fix detection of invalid Components and only allow update or Uninstall
  • Fix ReadSettings not getting called in correct sequence due to SDK changes
  • Add support for Bass/Mid/Treble vumeters and animation types
  • Make modifications to ensure that version information is correctly embedded in the Component
  • Add XionComponentSDK Project to build the SDK
  • Add SDK Example: ExampleVis
  • Add BassVis Header and Lib for Glare
  • Fix for when window was just dragged around and _over no longer working
  • Remove extra debugging from shimmer over
  • Fix Path saving for u3 drives so that paths are substituted with u3 file system variables instead when saved to u3
  • Add some fixes to XionWindow and BaseComponent to detect null pointers
  • Add fix to flow for modal dialogs so that the Icon isn't set after the dialog was destroyed
  • Remove SCC Bindings for SDK Example projects
  • Add two new example SDK's, NewComponent and NewComponentMFC
  • Throw out the Old Zip/Unzip routines and switch to MiniZip
  • Fix a bug in MiniZip to allow writing to the end of a file
  • Fix a bug in the U3 version to use the U3 System Variables instead of direct Paths
  • Add XionTags Library
  • Remove TagsLib
  • Update Tag Reading system to use new XionTags library
  • Remove id3Lib from SCC
  • Fix a bunch of issues related to Window Creation of the Core Window
  • Fix Multimedia keys so that they are still received even if no Xion windows are visible
  • Fix crash when unable to load any skins at all
  • Fix Bug where Layer Visibility where layer wasn't getting set invisible after it had faded out (Thanks ALAS!)
  • Cleanup Shutdown process so that on slow U3 drives, there is almost no delay
  • Modify U3 Build so that it uses a seperate Define to the Portable Build
  • Update Icon to include 16 Million colour icons
  • Cleanup low res/low colour icons
  • Rename ComponentConfig to ComponentConfigWindow
  • Perform major surgery on some of the internal plugins and the BaseComponent to make things more expandable for the SDK
  • Add fix to locate the last song automatically when the filter in the playlist is cleared
  • Cleanup some deallocations when exiting for cleanliness sake
  • Modify Project properties for Beta builds
  • Fix Random mode so that if there is only one song in the playlist and random is on, it no longer stops. Instead it continually plays the single song
  • Fix delete key not working in search text box of playlist
  • Fix CD Audio tracks playing every second track
  • Fixed buffering message on Streams that have no Meta data so that it displays the filename once streamed above 95%. Usually these are from fixed URLs and not from radio stations. Fix over-states from being dead when using loadinterface skin keyword
  • Remove RefreshControls Call in Library as its done by default anyway
  • Update NewComponent and ExampleVis with changes from XionCore
  • Remove some obsolete source code from Shimmer
  • Major changes to the underlying skinning code to make it more Object oriented, ready for hardware rendering later on
  • Fix fadebetween not waiting for the frame to be completely visible before changing to the next frame
  • Fix animation speed so that 10ms is exactly 10ms instead of more like 50-100ms :) Skins may need to be tweaked as they may play animations faster now.
  • Fix the way that layer hide/show works so that you don't always need to have layers visible in the skin, that get hidden later.
  • Cleaned up a few memory leaks to do with Hotkeys and minors lists
  • Add a slew of string conversions to help with memory management
  • Fix several animation bugs due to the change with the animation system
  • Move to a delta based frame update system
  • Fix some state issues with buttons when when you change focus on and off the window
  • Fix crash when masks are used. Disabled masking code for now as it wasn't supported anyway
  • Fix Savestate with new buttons and sliders so that states are correctly restored
  • Updated Default skin with a new panel as well as smaller size. Tweaked a lot of the graphics.
  • Add Crash reporting to Xion in order to email back Crash reports, but only for Beta builds
  • Modify Plugin Interface by implementing a seperate Plugin Version Number and Increasing Plugin Interface version Update BASS to
  • Update various sound format plugins
  • Fix crash in tag reading of mpeg files when strange frames are encountered
  • Fix focus issue when using some skins, focus was being pulled away so that you couldn't drag windows, click buttons, etc
  • Fix crash when parsing WPL lists that contain apos; characters
  • Fix constant High CPU usage from checking for mouse over.
  • Add some optimizations for the RenderCanvas function
  • Fix bug whereby _over and _down layers were incorrectly using the indicator properties when they should have been ignoring them as the _normal layer is the one that controls these - Thanks Lanang Jagad
  • Fix Config Data not loading correctly when a plugin hasn't been loaded yet. This caused problems with hotkeys.
  • Re-add support for saving of tags in the File Info window
  • Fix Text scrolling to make it less jittery
  • Convert animation speed back to old speed, using new system so that the speeds within the old skins don't need to be updated
  • Ensure that _over and _down layers are synched to the _normal when the controls are setup
  • Fix the Comment window in the File Information dialog so that it properly wraps the text
  • Fix rendering bug where some layers are left on the screen without being correctly cleared
  • Add Fix so that multiple objects can now receive _over messages instead of just the top most
  • Fix Crash when arranging the button layers incorrectly
  • Ensure that the playlist saves the playlist when performing a shutdown instead of just saving the settings for the playlist
  • Fix bug when moving mouse out of window and the _over states aren't updated
  • Update Bass_Fx to
  • Fixed Uninstaller so that it removes all right click commands and other Registry keys that were previously missed
  • Added 'Reset Window Position' button to the Shimmer Options window in case you lose the Window
  • Fix playlist not saving correctly on shutdown
  • Fix the string formatting for a blank string instead of rendering ' - '
  • Fix some layers not being hidden correctly. (Appeared as though it was layer order) - Thanks SLoB!
  • Fix component settings not saving (Stare vis in particular)
  • Fix ctrl/shift clicking stop button so that it works once again (right clicking still worked)
  • Fix Playlist scrolling when Alt+Ctrl is pressed
  • Fix random crash to do with mousing over the Shimmer window
  • Fix crash when opening a skin from the skin browser
  • Fix crash when mousing over some layers due to incorrect co-ordinates
  • Optimize some rendering code in order to speed up Shimmer Interface drawing
  • Add some minor list optimizations with vectors
  • Add more optimizations to the rendering code in order to reduce the CPU usage
  • Fix and optimize indicator states
  • Fix indicators not displaying Tooltips
  • Modify Library so that it shows the name of the CD in the drive
  • Optimize BlendTo function, reduce from 107 down to 7.
  • Fix Visualisation object performing an update when it wasn't necessary
  • Modify scrolling text updates so that they are less frequent and only cause dirtyness when properly scrolled
  • Fix BlendTo routine when optimized blend route was taken
  • Remove final alpha multiplication for windows Update function as its now done in the optimized BlendTo
  • Remove </Layer set> and </Layer group> from layer list
  • Fix GUIAnimation so that it doesn't cause a refresh when the current frame hasn't actually changed. This only occured on special types such as the Network buffer
  • Add the ability for Animation layer sets to be activated by indi_play, etc and other indicators
  • Remove Zorder param from XionWindow
  • Don't call SetWindowPos if the window handle isn't valid yet
  • Ensure that the Zorder flag isn't used for the XionConfigWindow
  • Fix OnTop of Shimmer window so that it works again
  • Ensure that shimmer window activation code is synched properly at the start and that the shimmer window is set to the foreground window
  • Fix Playlist Edit->Delete command so that it works
  • Modify Loading... text colour to use Disable text colour
  • Temporarily disable the settings of the Title text until a later build
  • Modify internal messaging so that some messages such as Next, Prev, etc are sent to generic components instead of a specific, such as 'simpleplaylist'
  • If another command such as next is executed while a song is fading to stop, then reset fade to stop
  • Fix threading issue when playing a net stream and attempting to play another thereafter
  • Fix BitRate not working for Radio streams
  • Fixed netbuffer flickering when using local file
  • Modified netbuffer to use correct range, instead of range+1
  • Fix .pls reading so that it reads as an .ini file instead of a standard text file, using win32 .ini functions
  • Add MessageBox popup when an error is detected with XionMessage Parameter Types, only in Beta Builds
  • Allow multiple instances of Xion using multiinstance command line. This is useful when debugging new components, while still listening to Xion while you debug!
  • Modify multiinstance command to /multiinstance and fix handling for command line options starting with /
  • Modify File info Genre combo box length so that it correctly aligns on the right side
  • Optimize vectors and use [] instead of iterators
  • Fix Timer event to produce less updates. Was trying to update 200fps (using 5ms updates). Have now changed to be ~33fps (using 25ms updates).
  • Fix Animation type 2 not properly hiding when done as well as some other minor animation bugs
  • Fix Tracknames so that the info gets updated even if the track layer is hidden
  • Add a function to allow getting from the Config as an int
  • Add Tooltips for Equalizer button, frequency and bitrate
  • Fix button being clickable below non-interactive layers
  • Fix bitrates on some radio stations missing an initial digit for the kbps value
  • Fix detection of clicking on passthrough layers. Was broken again due to code changes
  • Add the beginnings of Xion Actions so that when you change the volume, you get to see the values in any fields of a skin marked as 'track'. Custom track strings won't be affected, i.e. 'track album'
  • Modify the way that moving Shimmer works, so that we are no longer using the fake Titlebar clicking, but instead using MoveWindow(). This fixes a bug where when you move it past the top of the screen, it snaps back
  • Fix new moving issue when mouse is clicked on invalid layer and moved around
  • Don't show popup menu and reset window position when losing focus with new Window moving code
  • Updated the Image Layer Names.txt so that its in sync with the website Fix snaprectangle being picked up and blocking mouse clicks
  • Fix crash when visualsation layer has no data
  • Fix VolInc and VolDec not having _over and _down states
  • Fix Animation layers allowing clicks to go through them to layers below
  • Add support for Track Number display both in the File Information as well as in track skin displays
  • Fix bug when id3 tag genre is saved as out of range value, that it gets Blues assigned Fix bug where layers of an animation were returning as hit layers when they were invisible Modify Default Hotkeys so that they don't conflict with Photoshop History
  • Fix crash when button only has _over layer and nothing else
  • Add work around for when skinners add objects such as text into an animation set. They should instead be using action_layer_show/action_layer_hide instead
  • Go through clean up char usage, fixing some strncpy's
  • Fix filename causing problem when playing
  • Fix buttons incorrectly updating when mouse button is held on them, while an animation is executing - Nice find ALAS, thanks!
  • Enable Global Optimizations and some other optimization options for Release Mode
  • Optimize the RenderVisualisationToPixelData function to use flat array instead of multidimension
  • Set Optimizations:References to Default as "Eliminate Unreferenced Data (/OPT:REF)" Reduce the amount of visible ram usage to something more appropriate by reducing the working set
  • Fix open button keeping down state after command executed
  • Fix Time text not rendering when greater than 1 hour
  • Set Hotkey default key colour to gray text
  • Add support for installer sending WM_CLOSE message to terminate


Cliff :)
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Cliff Cawley
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Cliff Cawley
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Postby SLoB » February 16th, 2008, 7:35 pm

Congrats Cliff :)

some fix list heh ;) its a better player because of it though!!
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Postby Halonut1 » February 17th, 2008, 10:34 am

Awesome. now i can mess with the bass without telling people "If you want it to work go get the beta"

huge fix list too o_o.

When is that Last.FM add-on coming out? :P
you can find all my skins primarily on my DeviantART account.
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Postby shad0wF0x » February 17th, 2008, 10:58 am

Nice :wink:
This doesn't chew up my CPU usage either!!!

Great stuff, keep it up!

...so many pixels, so little time...
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Postby UnseenRage » February 17th, 2008, 1:02 pm

Cheers Cliff! Congrats!
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Postby Keeper » February 17th, 2008, 2:43 pm

This has got to be one of the Best audio programs I've come across. It is now my #1 player.. Will there be a video player coming out also.....
Cudos to everyone that creates skins, I've never attempted to try making one but now my interest is peaked....I don't normally write in any forum but this was a must
Cliff! Congrats!, you are one amazing creator
Kenn M.
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Postby Cliff Cawley » February 17th, 2008, 11:18 pm

Thanks for the great comments everyone!

I'm happy to hear you're all enjoying the latest release!

I couldn't have done it without all of the people who have helped me in the Beta Threads!

Thanks everyone!

Cliff :)
Cliff Cawley
Creator of Xion
r2 Studios
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Cliff Cawley
Creator of Xion
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Postby ALAS » February 18th, 2008, 2:37 am

Cool! Delayed congrats also from me ! :D
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Postby xonenine » February 19th, 2008, 12:48 am

thanks Cliff, that fix list gives me pause, tho...

it's longer than seems humanly possible, hehe!

Beta.94 has been 100% trouble free for me

xonenine :)
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