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what parts in Xion can be "skinned" ???

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Postby Azvareth » February 7th, 2011, 7:17 pm


I wonder which parts in Xion is it possible to skin, directly or via tricks...

I know that this is possible:
Main interface
Equalizer (by trick [xonenine have showed this, in a later skin])
Playlist (could be done directly, is it possible to trick this like Eq?)
Media Library (by trick or directly?)

Reason for asking is, that I have an embryo to an idea, a rather "futuristic" one, but I need to research the possibilities to do it.... All these interface windows should in my idea, be connected together and animated from one view to another...

I have done one rather basic main interface skin before, so I think I understand the concepts of Xion skinning...
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