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Postby deema » January 16th, 2014, 11:49 am

So, I think, eventually, it would be more effective to use a slot system for skins and have it stored in a configuration file.

So, like, little Billy Bottomtapper has ten skins he wants to use. He sticks skin one in slot one and set the config how he wishes, then moves on to slot two, and so on. He is able to call the skins up to the front and the others slide down a notch.

This negates the need for on the fly cli for position and size and would be much easier for "regular' end users to set up, much cleaner/neater, would be completely portable from machine to machine, and simply much cooler, to be able to have a custom "showcase" of players that you have ready to rock n roll with a quick click or keyboard shortcut, etc.

It also gives them the abiity to, even though they are not using Splinter(no accounting for taste, but I digress), be able to have multiple wallpapers that they could have ready to have Xion integrate into, immediately, no at the moment configuration needed to be done
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