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Postby vprimachenko » February 12th, 2016, 8:55 pm

I would like to request 2 new layer keywords:
  • one which would make xion cycle through the avaliable output devices,
  • another which would spawn a menu with avaliable devices so one doesnt need to dig into settings (which i have to do quite often)

on related note i would like to request a different saving of selected device, as it seems now it is just usign the order in which the os enumerates the audio entpoints, and xion just saves the "position in this list" of the endpoint it uses. The issue is that thihs ordering changes of the user changes the default output device between starts of xion eg:

main device are speaker, my device list is : default, speaker, headset
i change xion setting to use my headset (item nr 3)
i close xion
i change default device to headset
i start xion, its device list is now: default, headset, speaker
xion starts playing from speakers (item nr 3)

either saving the explicit endpoint id or forcing alphabetical sorting over the device list would solve this "problem"

thank you for your time Cliff, very happy to see the update
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