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Postby rastafe » May 31st, 2013, 8:17 am

Hello friends.

(First of all: sorry for my English, I am helped by google translator)

Usually i not write on forums, communities or similar sites, I do it only when the situation truly warrants it and this is one of them.

For years I am looking for an audio player that is lightweight and does not consume much processor and ram and I think I've found Xion Audio Player, which I liked.

Before using another player came to know that although it is very light and the necessary basic options, but not have pretty skins.

Just one week ago this player knowledge and truth that I really liked to have a variety of beautiful skins, but equally missing some other options to become the player dreamed by all users.

I would like to expose some of the options that I think are missing:

1. Mini-player option, which can be located in any of the 4 corners to suit the user and contains basically these items:

- Cover
- Artist
- Song
- Album
- Basic controls (volume, next, prev, play, pause, stop, etc.)

See picture:


2. When the player is in normal mode (not mini), to generate a window (or message) Pop-Up indicating the basic data of the song (cover, artist, song and album) and at the same time the window settings or message, of the possibility of saying that out from somewhere and hide in another, for example:

- Tell him that every time you start a song, the window (or message) bottom-up right and right-lateral hide

See picture


Thanks for any questions.

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Postby logokas » May 31st, 2013, 9:53 pm

The Skin database contains a category called Minimalist, look there to find the mini player that you're looking for.

As for toaster messages, these have been suggested and Cliff may make a plugin for such a feature in the future.
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