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individual song animations possible?

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Postby enwer » March 26th, 2014, 5:35 am

Hi Cliff,

I'm new to xion, only used it the last few months, love the eazy skinning mode.
BTW sorry for my bad english
My question is as follow.:
Is there a chance u could make it possible for the xion player to look for external animation,
not included in the skin file, but instead it would look for a psd or a gif in the folder of the song that is playing at the moment, instead of lookin for the albumart, so that for each song a specific animation or picture is presented and the player would have to look for it in songs folder for instance if when the picture or animation has the same name as the song. it would be visible when implented in the skin.
U could even expand it to look for album, tracknr. artist... and so on.
I think this would be cool for people who want to create a virtual cd, cassette, vinyl playerskin so that every song or track or something would load the specific animated turning cd or whatever. I dont know if thats asked already.
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Postby Cliff Cawley » April 21st, 2014, 2:54 pm

Hi Enwer,

Interesting idea. You can currently load just external album art.

Are you envisioning that a psd might have an animation specifically made for an album and then you load that animation into another part of an existing skin?

It sounds cool, it'll take many hours to implement and I'm not too sure how many people would use it though.

Anyone else?
Cliff :)
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Postby enwer » April 29th, 2014, 12:59 am


Sorry Cliff for not responding any sooner as i thaught u would not have any intrests in this.
And yes, thats excatly what i mean, the possibiltys are endless with this kind of option and
i have never seen this in any other mp3 player for pc before.
Think of it as an advanced animated-albumart, if u could this for each individual song/folder/album this would be awsome. for example u could make short animation for britney spears dancing while her song is playing. or u could make animation for rotating vinyl per song for cool turntable skins... I am no coder but it would be cool to link the animation to the file name of the song or something. doesnt matter psd or not

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Postby deema » May 3rd, 2014, 8:53 pm

Can TOTALLY do this, when you use Splinter. This is nothing, no problem, at all, when you combine the two. But WAY WAY more than just this.

So, the rest of ya'll, just disregard my arrogance, this is going to actually be quite timid, and maybe im just a big fat exaggerator...heh (Ya'll aren't yet using Xion with Splindy, is all. Not cause my Xion design is better than yours. Not even close to my claim, folks. Truth is, half of the design uses stuff created by you fellers and femmes. I'm just implementing it all in a more powerful package). BUT, so, Cliff, if I show you and this gent, what YOU Cliff, consider to be the single coolest thing you have ever seen your software do, or be a part of, will you implement or attempt to rather quickly implement a way potentially extremely powerful feature? The ability to click through, through, past the Xion window, when the click through function or another keyword name is enabled? ESPECIALLY when the pixel location becomes transparent with visualizers, but would be much much more potent if could go through even opaque pixels. The designs that will become possible with this, are limitless, literally.

To be clear, even without Splinter, this would technically be a very simple task with the CLI implementation. But the possibilities are certainly not endless, with Xion alone. Not even close... But anyway, without showing too much yet, this certainly is not the magic of which I spoke, I uploaded the below video in order to show a few of the reasons for my request. Notice that the balls are not animated on the stripes because any viz layers in Xion must go all the way to the letters in order to look "perfect" as a glow and that is too narrow a click point for end users, comfortably. It requires clicking on the letter, not an 'invisible box" encompassing the letters. Also, the icons are not open by default and so if the viz is open and running prior to the icons being open, there is a noticeable "hole" where the icons are because if it is not empty of pixels, the icons cannot be clicked when the viz is open. Also, his lappelle is unable to be clicked, etc. This is a very simple and boring example, but I think it should be clear that it would have great benefit if it was JUST for this reason, which it is completely not...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QK7Zvbe ... e=youtu.be
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