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[request] anchoring playlist and eq to main player

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Postby NeoCorpse » March 16th, 2015, 12:02 am

I'm not sure if this would be considered a feature or not, but I think what would be really nice would be a setting that allows you to "anchor" both the EQ and playlist to the main interface even when toggled off. There could be a toggle button that allows you to move them around when lock is disabled but when enabled it would force them to remain docked to the main interface when toggled off.
I know it's sort of a first-world problem but it gets a bit annoying because I don't always like both eq and playlist toggled on. I typically run the main with the playlist but depending on the music type I sometimes have to refer to the EQ to adjust it.
I've been using an underhanded, dirty trick that sort of helps wherein I leave them both docked to the main, both toggled on and allow their "on top" features so one is on but tucked behind the other. The all I gotta do is click the toggle button to see it. Just a minor suggestion to an already superior player. Thank you for all of your guys' contributions to Xion, as I thoroughly love it!
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