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ogg playback issue and mp3 skip on small error

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Postby Freerun » January 11th, 2013, 5:46 am


When I play ogg some ogg files they play only for few seconds and then player switch to next song.

This does not happen in Winamp, and songs are played correctly.

This happens only to specific group of ogg files and i don't know why. I can provide them to resolve this issue.


Sometimes there might be some errors inside mp3 when music is ripped from old scratched cds.

When Xion encounter any of such errors it will jump to another song at once.

This does not happen in Winamp.
Winamp instead will skip that small error and continue playing song.
I can provide file with such issue.

I know those are not real bugs but I taught it might be good write about so playback of such files could be more optimized.
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Postby Cliff Cawley » January 13th, 2013, 10:34 pm

Hi Freerun,

If you could please send me one ogg file and one mp3 file that has these problems, I'll be able to take a look.

You can use the Contact Form to send me the files, just .zip them in the same file.

Cliff :)
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