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Xion Skinning Contest 2010

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Postby Cliff Cawley » November 1st, 2010, 1:36 pm


First Place - $100
Second Place - $50
Third Place - $25
(prizes to be sent via Paypal)

    1. You need to be a registered member at The Game of Life forum.

    2. All entries must be finalized and submitted before the 30th of November 2010, 23:59 GMT. Late entries will not be accepted.

    3. Skins that are allowed to enter are those that have not been released. This also includes works in progress if you want to finish them off and submit them as contest entries.

    4. We encourage you to post pictures of your works in progress in the forum and in other sites, as long as you dont include the skin file.

    5. You can team up with a friend to collaborate on a skin entry.

    6. You will both need to be registered at The Game of Life forum.

    7. THE GRAND FINALE: In addition to the functions you will add to your xion skin, it must have at least a shutdown animation that leads to closing the xion process completely.

    1. Be a registered member at The Game of Life forum

    2. Say hello in this forum thread so we know you wish to participate. If you wish to discuss about the contest, you can create a new thread here instead.

    3. Email your skin files to [email protected] and add XION CONTEST (all caps) in the subject line.

    4. You can alter your files and email them before the contest deadline.

    1. Voting by registered members will open on 1st of December 2010 and will end in the 7th.

    2. Winners will be picked based on member votes and overall decision of judges.

    3. Winners will be posted on 8th of December 2010.

Xion Skinning Guide

Good luck all and looking forward to your great skins! :)
Cliff Cawley
Creator of Xion
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Cliff Cawley
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Postby Lance » November 1st, 2010, 9:16 pm

Schuuuweeeeet. 8)
I made the Xion Default skin. Ask me questions and stuff.

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