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Xion 1.0 build 110 Beta Release

PostPosted: March 16th, 2009, 10:27 pm
by Cliff Cawley
This is a Beta Build. That means it has fixes and features that are NEW. It is also possible it has bugs that are NEW! If you are looking for stability, please don't expect this build to be perfectly stable. It may have issues. If on the other hand you are happy to try this build out and post any bugs back in this thread, then please do!

Download Installer Version:
r2 Studios Server ->
Xion Server ->

If you receive errors when running, install the VS2005 Runtimes
Download from Microsoft ->

  • Fixed the Track times not being retrieved in the playlist (due to unicode changes) - Thanks djinn2!
  • Modified the Xion Update checker to use WinInet instead of custom Winsock. Should fix any issues with proxies
  • Fixed File associations not getting uninstalled - Thanks djinn2!
  • Minor tweak to the way that the old registry entries are cleaned up on install
  • Added reset for windows left/top that become invalid
  • Fixed the Icy stream info not being properly parsed due to unicode changes - Thanks logokas!
  • Added a Readme for the old Interfaces folder to warn about the moving of the skins folder
  • Modified the Playlist List window to transform Mouse Message in such a way as to remove smooth scroll and therefore remove the laggy feel as you scroll through the list with the mouse wheel
  • Fixed potential minor memory leak when opening a malformed .m3u
  • Modified parsing of M3u and Pls playlists so that they are read in as binary, and split accordingly instead of as text. This fixed potential problems with reading lists with binary characters. Some malformed playlists would only read up to a certain point, now they read in their entirety
  • Fixed buttons from showing their _over and _down and then fading out at the start of a skin load
  • Fixed Indicators from showing intially and then fading out if they aren't active. They'll all now start in their correct state
  • Added initial Lyrics reading support from embedded ID3v2 Tags, Ape Tags and Ogg Vorbis Tags. Add Lyrics text viewer into File Info Window
  • Added support for loading Album Art from ID3v2 tags. These will be now be loaded if found, otherwise the current folder will be searched and loaded.
  • Modified the get album art function for plugins so that any loaded tags are checked first, followed by the file system.
  • Updated the Tray Pause and Play state icons
  • Minor changes to XionWindow to allow for shutdown and initialize defaults. Also some minor changes to Playlist header
  • Modified the colour and text for the Plugin Window when rendering an Invalid Plugin
  • Updated the BookMarker and Last.FM Scrobble components with Unicode support as well as the new Xion SDK support
  • Updated the Glare project to better support Winamp and Sonique
  • Updated the Window snapping to allow the Main Interface to move other docked windows around when they are docked to it. Extra docked windows won't currently dock to other windows or edges, only the Main window will while dragging multiple windows around
  • Fixed the 'Play All' link in windows explorer so that Xion uses all files instead of just one - Thanks D Jones!
  • Made the resizeable Playlist 100 percent Alpha and Transparent compatible. Playlist window can now have soft edges, shadows and transparency!
  • Fixed an issue with the Playlist background piece not properly positioning itself
  • Fixed the Playlist and Search box colours so that they are properly alpha multiplied according to the layer opacity
  • Modified the way that mouse overs work so that if you have multiple layers below the current, they will also react to the mouse over. Helps fix an issue for ALAS
  • Fixed some alignment issues when certain playlist skin elements were missing
  • Fixed a redraw issue when the playlist was resized smaller, leaving uncleared pixels
  • Fixed the Resize rectangle on the playlist so that it draws over the top properly
  • Fixed the resize rectangle not drawing over the top of the playlist box or the search box
  • Fixed a potential crash in XionTags when reading AlbumArt
  • Added support for a skinnable playlist scrollbar. No more windows scrollbar on the Playlist!
  • Fixed the VUmeters not functioning correctly due to recent changes with the slider objects
  • Added support for drawing layers over the top of the playlist. Now you can add highlights, shines, etc over the top of the playlist text/entries
  • Added support for using an animation set as a Sliderbit. Just add sliderbit into the LayerSet name along with animation i.e. 'sliderbit animation ...etc...'
  • Fixed the search text box caret not rendering correctly due to recent canvas changes
  • Changed trans_* keywords so that they are properties instead of objects. You can now combine them with objects. I.e. track trans_volumel
  • Added new time layer to display local clock time. Keyword is clock. Use it in conjuction with time. E.g. 'time clock'. Includes blinking colons.
  • Fixed the snaprectangle for the playlist window so that it correctly sizes when you resize the playlist. snaprectangle should be using something like 'snaprectangle anchortl anchortr anchorbl anchorbr tile' in order to resize with the playlist
  • Modified the Global HotKey control to not allow bindings to single keys. Instead it enforces using combinations. It will also ensure users don't use Alt+key.
  • Added support for linking several text layers together when dragging the text around. Use the link(x) keyword. Any other layers with link(x) in them will also drag/scroll in time. x can be any single word
  • Modified the install switch to automatically copy the to the user's directory
  • Fixed the Window snapping so that it works better
  • Added Multimonitor support to the screen edge snapping
  • Fixed the Skinnable Playlist Scrollbar so that it correctly updates when you load a playlist
  • Fixed the Skinnable Playlist Titlebar so that it correctly updates when items are added
  • Added initial support for snapping windows that are snapped to the current, to snap to other things. Disabled for now till I can stabilize it
  • Enabled Indicator updates for the Playlist

If you find bugs specifically related to this build, please post them here instead of the Bug reporting forum. Any feedback positive or negative should also go in here, no new threads. This way all feedback, etc related to this build will be in the one place.


This build contains many fixes along with some new features in order to improve the skinnable playlist. In particular you can now have 100% full transparency in your playlists! That means drop shadows as well as translucency! Not only that but you can layer other layers above the playlist window itself.

Please test this build and let me know of any major issues! Thanks!

Any questions or bugs related to this build should be posted here only!


Cliff :)

PostPosted: March 17th, 2009, 12:27 am
by Lance
Thank youuuu Cliff Richards!!

Ooo, you disabled the window snapping. Well I guess that was a good thing at this present time as the glitches were quite the bitch :o

But thanks a ton dude. Just one step closer to a new public build, and perhaps more :wink:

EDIT: Hmm, seems the snap&drag is still enabled? It actually works better now, it drags properly on any skin. The only bug with it that I can see now is the horizontal snapping, side edges, they don't snap at the edge, instead about 200 pixels away. But it still drags. So the dragging is working! Just the snapping positions now.

EDIT 2: OK so it's not the sides that are out with snapping, it's the right side and the bottom. The right is about 110 pixels and the bottom is about 50 pixels, both still drag. Although now I've tested a bit more, the dragging causes a lot mroe errors than I thought. I'm sure you're on it though!

Peace, Lance

PostPosted: March 17th, 2009, 1:06 am
by logokas
I killed the thing within the first 2 minutes it ran.

How? I grabbed a hold of the playlist and started resizing it. The results were artifacts, and soon the whole screen was full of it. When i let go, it generated the error report, which crashed when i hit send.

But it's still an awesome build!

PostPosted: March 17th, 2009, 3:50 am
by djinn2
I'm still getting an error message when using the 'Play now in Xion' context entry on folders. The other file association errors seems to have been fixed :)

The times in the playlist work nicely. The first value is initially 0:00 until a track is selected in the playlist then that track length is shown. Didn't this value used to be the time played so far out of the total? I don't mind it this way if thats what it is supposed to be doing.

I've not had any issues with resizing the playlist at all but I have noticed the discrepancies in the snapping lance mentioned.

re 110

PostPosted: March 17th, 2009, 5:15 am
by xonenine
Thanks Cliff, those new sliders will be awesome to work with!The only problem I've encountered so far are the aforementioned artifacts on dragging the playlist, although I only get very minor artifacts from the bottom right of the playlist. :)

PostPosted: March 17th, 2009, 6:10 am
by Lance
Indeed, there are lots of resize artifacts and I too can crash the entire thing in about 2 seconds of resizing. Just resize it really quickly, dragging the mouse all over the place and suddenly the music goes ddddddrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and the entire screen goes grey. Once you close Xion, the screen remains grey until you open another window and drag it around to paint over the grey areas to make your desktop visible again.

Epic :shock:

Peace, Lance

PostPosted: March 17th, 2009, 6:14 am
by logokas
Or just hit F5 at the desktop. That ought to redraw everything again.

As for the track times not showing, that's not supposed to happen at all.

Oh and the counter at the bottom, i either forgot, and it's supposed to be still, or it's broked again.

Lance, finish the darned skin now! D:

PostPosted: March 17th, 2009, 7:59 am
by Cliff Cawley
djinn2 Wrote:I'm still getting an error message when using the 'Play now in Xion' context entry on folders. The other file association errors seems to have been fixed :)

Hmm what error are you getting djinn2?

djinn2 Wrote:The times in the playlist work nicely. The first value is initially 0:00 until a track is selected in the playlist then that track length is shown. Didn't this value used to be the time played so far out of the total? I don't mind it this way if thats what it is supposed to be doing.

No, that's correct. Its initially 00:00 because you have nothing selected. When you select a song it will change. It actually shows you the total selected time. Go ahead and shift select multiple items and you'll see it shows you the total selected time for all.

Cliff :)

PostPosted: March 17th, 2009, 8:01 am
by Cliff Cawley
logokas Wrote:I killed the thing within the first 2 minutes it ran.

How? I grabbed a hold of the playlist and started resizing it. The results were artifacts, and soon the whole screen was full of it. When i let go, it generated the error report, which crashed when i hit send.

But it's still an awesome build!

I still can't reproduce what you and Lance are able to. I resize it all over the place and other than a couple of artifacts, that's all there is. I did so for 20 secs, moving very fast. :shock:

Cliff :)

PostPosted: March 17th, 2009, 10:09 am
by logokas
Well that's exactly the same thing i did and it crashed the first time i ran it after the update. I don't know why, it just went beserk. First there was artifacts, then the whole screen lit up and then it slowed down to a crawl.

PostPosted: March 17th, 2009, 10:39 am
by OfficerMike07
first thing I noticed is that the skin I had loaded previously (X Media Player) was broken after installing the new build

re 110

PostPosted: March 17th, 2009, 10:50 am
by xonenine
I'm experiencing a big problem w layers in this build. Some Layers in the same groups with the same ids aren't showing anymore.Every button that shows up works fine, some just will no longer show.I'm looking at my layer and naming conventions, but these are fairly simple buttons.

edit:tried w layers grouped and ungrouped also, same result, layers are missing.

PostPosted: March 17th, 2009, 11:01 am
by Lance
I'm also experiencing layers not showing either. It seems to be something to do with ID's and the layer sets. Quite a lot of skins are now broken Cliff, big issue here. Just to add to the list of skins for you to see the problem with, my Tranceunit skin no longer loads the screens and a few buttons.

Oh and I noticed this with build 109 too but I forgot to mention it. It may have been prior to 109 too but I couldn't say.

Peace, Lance

missing layers

PostPosted: March 17th, 2009, 11:14 am
by xonenine
Hmm, I'm only seeing this so far in 110, 109 skins all seem fine. :)

The layer issue seems to be occurring where I have a large number of layers id'd the same.A couple I could merge, I did, no problems, the merged stuff showed. :)

PostPosted: March 17th, 2009, 11:29 am
by Jikaru
1. One thing that exists in 109 that I just found today (thanks to a newer skin), Is that when You have a group layer hidden (which in turn in photoshop hides all layers in that group but has a grayed out eye instead of no eye) but in Xion b1.109 it still shows those layers that are in the group with "grayed eyes." *Confirmed for Xion b.1.110 as well*

2. Here's what happens when I resize the playlist in general without moving it fast (Also keep in mind that I have a window hidden as it is being resized or moved, by windows setting (with that in mind when I move Xion main window around it is not hidden (which is fine to me, unless you want it not to be fine lol))),


And this is how the playlist is setup:

******BTW To correct the playlist after it does this all I do is drag the resize of the bottom down a little bit when It is contracted as much as possible on the sides******

3. And to add a note about the artifacts you guys are seeing is this: The playlist window is still trying to draw (by xion) when windows is refreshing your screen to show the playlists new position. I know this because when I move the playlist and resize it madly the old playlist position (window) is still drawing so I get my "hidden window outline" drawn all over the old playlist positioned window that is still visible. And my Xion has yet to crash (I think this is because I do not show windows items while they are being dragged or resized).

As for "selecting" the items in the playlist to show their times, I actually have to "play" the item for its name to be shown. And on that note I cannot simply "select" all of the items in the playlist to show all their times nor can I select and hit enter (to play) multiple items to show all their times it will simply play the ONE that IS selected in the group and display just that ones time. This was illustrated in one of the above pictures I included with this post. Oh and I want to thank Cliff for all his hard work on this build...everything that is working is AMAZING. And the things that aren't working are not slowing me down and the overall performance of Xion has seemed to increase which in turn is less lag for my computer (it used to be that having photoshop/xion/firefox all running at the same time made the music skip....not any more :D) And I also want to say sorry for the wall of text and pictures, but it had to be done :p