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Auto Volume Leveling

PostPosted: September 7th, 2013, 6:30 pm
by SaigonJeff
Hello everyone... I'm new to this group and I just started using the Xion Player... and I must say that I'm loving it more and more each day, but there is one thing I really loved about WinAmp and Windows Media Player which seems to be missing or lacking in the Xion Player.

the feature I'm talking about is the ability of the aforementioned players to analyse the volume levels of all the songs in the playlist and then 'normalize' them so that they all playback and the same base level.

I have searched this site and the forum, and I can seem to find out if this is possible with the Xion Player... It does not seem to me available in the config settings or any of the other options... Would it be possible to have such a feature included in the next update or version? It would be great to have. If not, how about a plugin to do the job?

Thanks! And Great job on a fantastic player! =D>