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PostPosted: January 22nd, 2010, 1:43 pm
by djinn2
Another cool skin Xonenine :D

I went and downloaded and found I'd already got a copy of it from somewhere :? Since there was the slightest trace of strange quarks emanating from my monitor I theorize that the use of the sd18 created a temporary rift in the space-time continuum resulting in it getting installed into the near past (or my present). Anyway I'll keep you posted on any further developments if I haven't already.

Btw the progress/volume bar combo with the viz is the best I've ever seen in a skin =D>

Re: sd18

PostPosted: January 22nd, 2010, 2:05 pm
by xonenine
Wow, glad you liked it! Thanks. :) The deus ex vol/progs are doubled up too, but piggybacked, I have been having fun.
In this one the green grid started to look like an army game hud to me. :)

I was going to reply but I see I already have...

I deleted the skin when I was done making it to upload it... :)

Edit: I am getting tiny pinhole burns in my monitor, taht dnoyeb, ereh on smelborp.