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PostPosted: January 9th, 2008, 12:15 pm
by Cliff Cawley
zeolyte Wrote:I tried to fix Alexis for this new build... what I noticed and fixed so far:

1. animations with delay0 do not play at all, since its way too fast.. fixed with slower speed
2. I tried using fadebetween and fadein for the intro animation but it waited for each frame to be visible before playing the next frame, which made it appear that the animation is in delay(10) even if it was coded as delay(2)... except if I use fadeout, the speed is fine but theres no fade effect, the animations are rather sharp

Hi Zeo,

Try downloading your skins from this website again, as I've already gone through and updated them with the relevant changes to fix them. If you compare them you'll see in some cases you forgot to show or forgot to hide certain layers, or had the layer names incorrect for some things.

Yes, the fadebetween flag will perform a full fade in, then wait for the delay time, then a full fade out. This is how it was meant to work from day one, but a bug forced it to use the delay that was set, instead of honouring the fade request.

As for the speeds, they will be fixed again in build 86. Don't worry about tweaking them to work for build 85.

Cliff :)